Paving & Patio

At Stoneage Masonry Ltd, we are one of the leading suppliers of paving and patio solutions with a huge variety of stone, cobbles, wood effect decking, circles and patterns to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something that suits your space, taste and budget. We build walls to suit your patio and paving. We offer a free quotation and design service, simply call our office today.


Sandstone Circle

NSEW Large Limestone Circle

Star Circle


Ledge Rock Stone Cladding

Liscannor Stone Cladding


White Granite Cobbles

Yellow Granite Cobbles

York Cobbles


Sleeper Patio


Brushed Grey Sandstone

This paving with its regular sizes can give you a very formal patio.

Bush Hammered Limestone

This Limestone is the perfect choice for the person who wants to entertain people. The contemporary lines give it a very distinctive look.

Camel Dust Paving

This hand cut paving with its rich wine colour gives a warm feel to your patio.

Sandstone Paving

If you want an affordable patio that still looks very elegant, this would be one of our most popular options.

Flamed Limestone

If you ever visited the Coliseum in Rome this paving will bring you back there with its worn look.

Hand Cut Grey Paving

This paving is hard to describe - a forest green colour when wet and a warm grey when dry.

Slate Paving

This Slate with its sawn edges gives a classical look to any contemporary design.

Tumbled Cream Sandstone

This paving with its unusual size gives a very warm feeling to any patio with its lovely worn edges it looks like it has been there forever.

Tumbled Grey Paving

When you come home from your Mediterranean holiday this paving will bring it all back to you

York Paving

If you want a patio to bring you back to the country, this paving will give you a feeling of being in the dales.

Wood Effect Decking