10 Most Popular Boys Names From The 1990


Derived from a Germanic name meaning bright fame, the name is a mainstay in the American list of most popular names. Its diminutives Rob, Robby, or Bob are also commonly used. 


The Anglicized form of the Roman Antonius, Tony (for short), is mostly associated with the Roman general Mark Anthony, who was in a relationship with Cleopatra before his tragic suicide.


The Anglicized form of the German name Wilhelm, William, has been used across a number of royal houses, from William the Conqueror to William, the current Prince of Wales. 


Derived from the Latin name Iustinus, meaning just. Famous Justins include singers Bieber, Timberlake, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.  


A more modern English form of a Hellenized Hebrew name, meaning ‘to remember.’ It is frequently shortened to Zak. 


The English form of the Hellenized Hebrew name meaning God is gracious; the name features prominently in the New Testament with John the Baptist and the apostle John. 


The name’s provenance is uncertain, although it likely comes from an old Irish word meaning little king. It became popular in the US with the steady growth of immigration from Ireland and is regularly featured in top lists. 


The name derives from the Hebrew name Jacob. The name was also tied to the English and Scottish thrones and was the name of no less than six US POTUSs. 


David personifies the underdog. It shares the roots of the Arabic name Daud and is the name of ex-Manchester United and England international soccer player David Beckham. 


An old English name derived from a place meaning ‘hill covered with broom’, the name became popular in the 1980s and peaked in its popularity in 1992 with the character Brandon Walsh in Beverly Hills 90210. 

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