7 Things Only Boomers Understand About Aging

Waking Up Early

Remember the days when sunrise meant a new beginning, not just the middle of the night? Boomers understand the joy of rising with the roosters.

Constantly Losing Their Glasses

Boomers get the true spectacle of eyeglasses – those ever-elusive, vanishing reading glasses.

Aching Joints

Boomers grasp the fine art of creaks, pops and the delightful surprise of knees that sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies when you stand up.

Retirement Challenges

Many Boomers faced challenges in retirement planning, especially as pension systems shifted and the concept of a "traditional retirement" evolved.

Medical Advancements

Boomers witnessed significant advancements in medical technology and healthcare.

Travel Evolution

Boomers saw changes in the travel industry, from the golden age of aviation to the rise of budget airlines and online booking platforms.

Parenting Styles

Boomers experienced and contributed to evolving parenting styles.

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