8 Paint Colors Designers Wish Would Go Away Forever


Without question, gray is the number one color designers want to go away. “It’s cold and lacks depth and character,” says Kelly. 

Neon Colors

Hot pink or lime green may seem like fun and punchy colors, but they’re usually a little too over the top for any indoor space.  


It’s bold and it’s dramatic, but it’s been overdone at this point. “I’m tired of seeing lipstick red in every ‘formal’ dining room,” says Bethany Adams, principal, Bethany Adams Interiors. 


“This is considered a neutral, but sometimes it can be tough to pull off,” says Phillips. “It often ends up looking dingy, dirty or yellowish.” 


“I love yellows but it’s often tricky to nail this color on walls,” says Shannon Eddings of Shannon Eddings Interiors. 

Emerald Green 

Instead, Cox suggests a more updated palette of blue-green colors with gray undertones, which are easy on the eyes and can be applied to a variety of situations. 


“Some pastels lack sophistication or are too understated, unless they’re used in a nursery,” says Phillips. One pastel that is popular right now, however, is a muted ivory with pink undertones. 


“Some designers are shying away from dark browns, which may make spaces feel dated and gloomy,” says Kelly. 

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