Employees Ranked Their 8 Top Retirement Do-Overs

Starting to Save Earlier: Many retirees wish they had begun saving for retirement sooner.

Saving More Aggressively: Along with starting early, increasing the amount saved can significantly impact retirement readiness.

Investing More Wisely: Some retirees wish they had learned more about investing or sought professional advice to optimize their retirement savings' growth potential.

Not Cashing Out Retirement Accounts: Taking money out of retirement accounts early, whether due to job changes or financial hardships, can have a long-term negative impact.

Paying Off Debt Before Retiring: Carrying debt into retirement can strain finances significantly.

Planning for Healthcare Costs: Underestimating healthcare expenses in retirement is a common oversight.

Not Diversifying Income Sources: Relying solely on savings or Social Security can lead to financial stress.

Failing to Plan for a Long Retirement: With life expectancies increasing, many retirees wish they had planned for a longer retirement to ensure their savings lasted.

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