The Most Gorgeous Flowering Plants That Will Attract Bees


Often confused with the allergy-inducing ragweed, goldenrod is actually believed to have many health benefits, including pain and inflammation reduction.

Bee Balm

The fragrant foliage of bee balm (also know as wild bergamot) will attract pollinators to your garden. Plant in a sunny spot for spring and summer blooms.


You can snack on borage alongside the bees. The flowers, leaves, and stems are all edible with a faint cucumber taste. 

California Poppies

Bees love the cup-shaped flowers of this native wildflower. Look for their orange, yellow, pink, or white blooms in the spring months.


Plant in a sunny spot—while lupine can tolerate some shade, it won't bloom as well. Make sure you've got well-draining soil and water regularly.


While marigolds are beneficial to plant around food-producing plants to ward off any number of pests, honey bees will flock to their bright orange, red, and yellow blooms.


All parts of this easy-to-grow annual are edible. Toss the lily pad-like leaves and brightly hued flowers in salads or use to garnish grilled fish. 


Pansies love cool weather, so plant them in the early spring and fall. They are great as a pot or border plant, and with proper care, can flower almost all year long.

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