US Airlines Post Lowest Flight Cancellation Rate In 10 Year

Despite personnel shortages and rising demand, U.S. airlines are completing planned flights.

Only 1.2 percent of 16.3 million U.S. flights were canceled in 2023, according to Transportation Department data released Wednesday. The rate is the lowest in a decade. 

U.S. airlines' cancellation rate dropped to 0.8 percent from December 17, 2023, to January 1, 2024, during the busy holiday travel period.

The 2022 holiday season witnessed 8.2% cancellations. Southwest Airlines' collapse stranded 2 million passengers and led in a record $140 million civil penalty last holiday season.

Our nation's aviation safety professionals tirelessly worked to ensure millions of travelers flew safely and without disruption last year

U.S. airlines recorded an 83.7 percent on-time arrival rate and 99.6 percent completion factor in December, according to A4A. 

A4A applauded the carriers for recruiting additional workers, investing in new technology, and altering flight schedules to be more realistic.

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